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Holy Grail One Stroke Bespoke Sally-Ann Lynch Palette Pop

Holy Grail One Stroke Bespoke Sally-Ann Lynch Palette Pop

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This bespoke palette has been created with care and attention.  

There are two rows of continuous colours that can be used in a variety of ways.  They are the same length as a onestroke purchased from retailers.   

Then you have a row of different greens for those important leaves to compliment your roses and flowers.   Very often we use a smaller onestroke brush for this element. 

Finally, you have a row of detail paints.  Black and white, so this means you won't necessarily need separate pots.  

In the middle is a Shimmery white which compliments any face paint design.

I teach my students how they can execute one stroke faces with only brushes and no need for sponges.   This pearly/shimmery white really helps with this. 


NB Colours may vary from time to time but this will be due to improvements in the products.

These  palettes are being bought by professional face painters all over the world and many of them are at the top of their field.



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