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My Bespoke palettes

I have been creating my bespoke palettes now since 2015 and I love creating them for others. I know what works and what doesn't.

The paints I use are all highly recommended and are as follows: Partyxplosion, Superstar, Face Paints Australia.

Occasionally I may use a little Global and DFX.

Please see reviews to see what my customers say about them

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Onestroke Facepainting Oneline Tuition

Why not come and join my online members tuition group.

This is a private members group via Facebook. You will have access to the current 145 tutorials. I add to these on a frequent basis.

The tutorials are all pre-recorded and can be found in a section called Guides.

Members can ask questions and ask to see tutorials that may not be covered.

There are different joining options

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Face Painting Starter Kit

This is the perfect starter kit for your face painting journey

There are two options available

Its such a great kit and so easy to carry,

I have purchased so many different kits over the years, but this one is definitely my favourite.

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Childrens Co&loured Practice & Display Board

These Coloured practice and display boards are perfect for diplaying at your events you are face painting at.

They even have room to freestyle on the black areas or even write your prices if you offer face painting on a pay per face basis.

There are a couple of styles to pick from

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Brush Set (9 brushes)

These are the brushes that I regard as my ultimate go to brushes. Hand made in the UK by traditional methods.

They contain: 3/4 short angle, 1/2 long bristle, 5/8 short angle, Squirrel brush 3/4, No. 2 Pointed Round. 3/0 Pointed Round, Liner Short, Liner long and a long filbert brush

Remember to also check out my reviews

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A4 Ladies Practice Board

We have a practice/display board to suit all your requirements.

We have 2 different ladies A4 Boards - eyes open and eyes closed

We also have A4, A3 and A2.

Full colour, clear, black, skintone.

Digital and realistic

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Ladies Faces (Clear) Display and Practice Boards in various arrangements

We have quite a few styles of this board and there is something to suit everyone.

The sizes are A2 which is a great transportable size.

You can always take a photo of your board, and print off in A4 and laminate. Much easier to take out on jobs where you have limited space etc

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All Kids Boards in the Range of Clear Colour Boards

These boards are lovely and very popular and have been available since 2016.

These boards are androgynous - suitable for all designs.

However, if you would like to turn them into little girls, simply paint eyes lashes on them.

TIP: I always paint the colour of their eyes too. Makes them look much softer

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