Hello lovely customers, hope you are all doing well? 

So Shipping can be made easy for businesses when offering flat fees, but this can also be very expensive and can put customers off purchasing.  It also encourages you to spend more than necessary to make up for the shipping costs. 

We are based in the UK, but we ship all over the world, excluding a couple of countries. 

We have tried our best to keep the shipping fees as low as possible, but our Royal Mail services are constantly making periodic increases. 

It gets more difficult when shipping Worldwide as costs can be expensive and sadly this is out of our control.  

We are not VAT registered as this is not essential here in the UK for relatively small turnovers.   This in turn means we can keep our costs lower than others. 

When selling overseas, a small business such as mine, wants to offer the best price possible.   We do not add on any fees for currency conversions or payment charges.   These are 5% on currency conversions and also a further 3.5 percent on merchant fees.    These costs are non-recoverable. 

Brexit has also altered shipping across EU Countries, but again, we have not passed the full cost onto our customers and are absorbing these costs ourselves.   We  value your business and custom  and this is very important to a small business such as mine. 

When ordering multiple items. they are calculated by weight and size.   Sometimes the system can get confused, however, we are always looking at ways of improving this. 

Occasionally prices do not always work out correctly, especially when ordering a small order containing items such as A4 boards/templates.   Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  We will look at the shipping charged and refund any overpayments made.

You do need to hear in mind that you may be charged a customs tax and this will need to be paid your end.  However,  we do not receive many emails with customers querying this, so I know many slip through.  Parcels are non-refundable in the event of custom charges not being paid by yourselves. 

I too have to pay custom charges when ordering all my paints from the Netrherlands and Its a case of absorbing it sadly. 

We do not want to lose your business, so if you feel shipping is a problem please do not hesitate to contact us and  we can see if there is anything we can do.  We can look at a discount or offer a freebie.



Best Wishes Team Sally-Ann Lynch Training Tried & Tested 


We aim to send out goods between 1-7 working days as some goods may go out of stock and need reordering. 

Bespoke palettes are made to order, so at busy times, these could take up to 5/7 days to ship out after ordering.  However, I am to make and ship much quicker.

Any missing parcels to our UK Customers take up to 30 days for us to claim for before deemed as lost.  This is from the date we claim via Royal Mail.   This is standard and set by Royal Mail who say goods can be delayed for unforeseen reasons. 

To our International customers,  your goods can take between 7/15 working days during normal times.  This is in accordance with the guidelines set by our Royal Mail. This excludes Christmas times where postage is increased substantially worldwide and effects timings.

These timings also exclude Weekends and Bank Holidays and any strikes occurring, or Custom delays in your Country of Origin. 

Postal strikes, border control strikes, sickness due to Covid or other seasonal illnesses, can also create delays.  All of which are sadly out of our control.

If you have opted for standard post, there is no tracking information available from Royal Mail.  Tracking information, if you chose this, is automatically sent to you via email, so please check your spam/junk folders. 

Parcels can get delayed and this can be for various reasons, including custom delays, which is out of our control. 

For International parcels that may be considered lost, we cannot make any claims until after 20 working days, any we then need to wait 90 days for any pay outs.   However, we do liaise with all our Customers and try to offer the best solution. 

Lost goods are very very rare.  We also urge you to check that you have given us the correct address.  We can only send to the address you provided at the time of purchase, otherwise we will not be covered via Paypal's terms and conditions, or The Royal Mail etc. 


We accept many forms of payments and you can check these out when you go to shipping details. 


We strive our best to parcel your goods really well and with extra care.  We also take images of each of the parcels that leave us and these are referenced by shipping dates and where possible a name against them. 

When shipping overseas, all items need to be listed for the purpose of custom checks.

Parcels are weighted and dimensions are taken  and this is how shipping is calculated.  We do not just offer one flat fee.  We can't do this due to the various products we sell. 

If your parcel is damaged or if you feel there is anything missing, this must be reported immediately to us in writing via any means.   Not by a phone call. 

Images must be taken  within 24 hours of receipt of your goods and all packaging for it to be assessed.  Photographs should also be taken.    

Royal Mail and couriers  will usually sticker the parcel if they believe it to be damaged or items missing.   This helps with any claims that may need to be made.  

Please check your parcels thoroughly.  Some customers have unknowingly put items in the waste bin with goods inside them.  Thankfully they  have been able to recover them by acting quickly.

Sadly after this timeframe, we cannot be held responsible for items reported missing or damaged. 

Best wishes Sally