Hello everyone, welcome to my webshop.

Whether you are new here or one of my many returning customers, I hope you manage to find what you are looking for. 

Here you will find lots of lovely items that will help you on your face painting journey. 

We have the original practice and display boards, that were created back in 2015. There was absolutely nothing like this previously on the market. Many of us, back in the day (not quite Victorian times)  used to use paper or plastic sheets which is not that great for the environment.  

I invented these boards with the environment in mind.  Reducing our carbon footprint is hugely important these days.  I have customers who still have their original practice boards. 

So fast forward to 2024 and they are still going strong which is wonderful.

We are the only small business, who uses images of either face painters children in the industry or digital images of these children.  This also saves the need for using real faces of children, whose parents may not be that comfortable with you using their images on social media.  We believe in safe guarding the little ones out there on the world wide web.    

Face painters children, also often get fed up of having their faces painted, so the practice board is a great handy tool.   

We do not use cartoon or caricature face boards.   A lot of thought and time had been dedicated in producing our products. 

Also available are my bespoke palettes. Made to order.

Many face painters purchase them from all over the world. Some very talented and well known artists too.

We have all different types to suit everyone.

I am told by many of my customers, they are a game changer.

As a working face painter myself I would not be without them.

I only use containers that have waterproof permeable foam to soak away excess water.  I have even been waterproofing containers to add more types to my website.   This takes a lot of time, but it's so worth it, to get face paints that work better and last longer.

Also available is my ONLINE ONESTROKE  membership tuition. Here you have the choice of trying for 1 month, 6 months or 1 year. The yearly membership  also has the added benefits of  special discounts.

You will have access to over 140 easy to follow tutorials as of today (10.03.24), which I add to regularly. Also support is at hand if you so require it.

I also sell my wonderful set of brushes that are made in the UK and are made by traditional methods and made to last.  You should take a look at videos on the methods of brush making, its truly inspiring.

Finally, you can also purchase a beginners face paint kit, which will have everything you will need to start your business.  'A BUSINESS IN A BAG'

To find all our products, simply click on ALL COLLECTIONS and you will find a nice colourful array of all the products available.

If you would like to follow me for tutorials, or subscribe to exclusive videos please go to Sally-Ann Lynch Training Tried & Tested via Facebook.  I also have my instagram page called @sallyannlynchartist 

The more followers and support a small business gets, allows them to form a small revenue avenue and this allows them to offer more discounts on product lines. 

For those of you who do not know me.   I am a working face painter and my face painting business is called Cheltenham Face Painting.    I have trained many people over the years, and some of them work and assist me on a self employed basis.    I would not be where I am today without my little loyal team.  One of whom is my daughter Daisy-Jane Lynch 

Daisy used to assist me on my travels around the world, where I would go and teach Internationally.   Places such as Australia, USA Florida, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands and all over the UK. 

Teaching my onestroke skills, which shows others, how you can face paint with speed, but without compromise and quality.    Painting a face around 5 minutes and under, will certainly improve your Client base.  

The name Sally-Ann Lynch Training Tried & Tested means just that.    

I am a person who does not hold anything back, when I teach, I will tell you all the little tips and tricks.  The problems that may arise on the job.  All the do's and the don'ts. 

If you would like a private one to one lesson or a small group booking at my home in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.  Please get in touch.

If you would like to arrange a group booking around the UK, please also get in touch. 

Thank you so much for your business. 

Love and Best Wishes Sally

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or Whatsapp - 07717 558 530  or contact us via messenger on Facebook or via Instagram @sallyannlynchartist