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Sally Ann Lynch Training Tried & Tested

Onestroke Face Painting Starter Kit

Onestroke Face Painting Starter Kit

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Everything you will need to start your business as a Onestroke face painting artist 

1 easy to carry  kit bag with removeable organiser inserts 

You will be able to work out of your kit with ease

2 bespoke Onestroke palettes and one containing a black and white detail paint.  Also pearl white and gold which I use to help obtain a Onestroke full face.  On my online Onestroke tuition members group, I show you how. You can join for a month or a year.  My yearly membership gives you some great discounts to my products.  

A set of 9 brushes.  All you will need and tried and tested by me.  Handmade snd made in the UK. 

Made by a very reputable brush maker, who makes brushes for some of the best artists around the world. 

They have so many amazing brushes to choose from that it can be trial and error picking them.  So I have taken the hard work out.  I have bought lots on my journey and some are just not for me, but I have finally found an amazing 9.

 Of course I use more, but they are 9 I use to teach with and recommend I order to keep your costs down. 

 If you look after them they will last you a very long time.


A handpainted mirror by me. 

A glitter spray with iredescent glitter 

One small water atomiser bottle 

One collapsible water pot which saves space 

One large water bottle 

One microfibre cloth 

6 practice boards.  3 with information on them but also dual purpose, as can be used as practice boards on the other side. 3 have gorgeous faces on them which are perfect to practice on them.  You  can use them over and over again. 

(Kit bag can be be painted by me for an extra charge and this is available under a separate listing) 

I have purchased so many different cases and bags over the years and at a huge cost, but this is definitely my favourite and I would never change.

The whole value of this kit if purchased separately would be at least £350.00.  So a great price. 


size: 36.5 x 18.5 x 23cms 

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